Every time I travel, I try to make it a habit to take pictures of things that are remnants of the past.  As you can tell from all my other posts and pictures I really like “old” things.  I started to question what attracts me to these things.  I realized it was uniqueness of the craftmanship.  I like old cars & trucks, top hats & bow times, pocket watches, railroads, film cameras and much more.  I like them because they are interesting.  While some of the items may have been mass produced in their day, you would be lucky to find something so beautifully made today.  I know that technology is a wonderful tool, but I am personally fond of the things of old. There is a quote by Diane Arbus, “I really believe there are things that nobody would see if I didn’t photograph them.”  While my photography is far from as ground breaking as hers, the idea still rings true.  I feel like pictures should tell you something (or at least hint at).  Something about a person, a place, a thing from long ago.  I’ve uploaded some new pictures from my recent travels in antique photos, rustic relics, and people & places.  Hope you enjoy and always remember to capture memories with the camera.


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