I am currently taking a digital photography class at my university and a recent assignment we had was to take 10 photos that were references to paintings/other works of art throughout art history.  The assignment was challenging but I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge.  It’s interesting to create from someone else’s point of view without losing […]

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Point Blank Perspective

Photography has completely changed my perspective on pretty much everything I see.  What ordinarily I might just pass by, or just glance at, I now find myself studying it- arranging its potential composition in my mind.  Not only did photography change how I see things, but it also changed my view of what I find […]

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Wishing You Well

The thing I enjoy most about photography is the ability of a photograph to embody secrecy.  The feeling that you happen upon a moment in time, that maybe you were or were not supposed to see, is interesting to me.  Shooting items from other time periods help me to portray my secrets.  I find the […]

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