Your Own Inspiration

Memories are usually something that just happen.  They aren’t planned or rehearsed.  Most of the time they aren’t really the moments you expect, the life altering or picture perfect ones.  They are the days spent in the kitchen with your mom or grandmother.  Or the nights you spent in the living room with your family […]

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Passing By

Even in the darkest places we find hope.  Usually when we least expect it, it creeps around the corner and down the alley way.  Hope doesn’t want to hide in the corners of a dark night but to shine brightly as the sun and stars.  She will greet you even in your moment of despair, […]

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Holiday Happiness

Holidays are a fun and busy time of year. Memories are plentiful spending time with family and friends.  It’s good time to just look around and enjoy the beauty of your every day life.  Nothing out of the ordinary, other than some decorations and a tree maybe.  These simple moments this holiday could be some […]

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