There are a lot of moments in life that I feel like are a collision of the past and the present.  Sometimes, it’s awkward sort of out of place.  Other times it’s beautiful a nice contrast of old and new.  Whichever may be true, there is a sort of an allure to this collision.  The […]

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The Winter

Winter’s touch is plain to see.  Its long fingers twist through our neighborhoods, and down our streets.  Framing our daily lives with organic beauty, asymmetry.  Reaching into us like the cold air.  You feel the coldness like you see it in the trees. What some people see as death is really nature’s rest, its retreat. […]

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The escape route.  Simple, geometric.  Escape from the inside, take it all in from above.  Apart from it all and a part of it all.   The stories climb all the way up.  A general layout for a complicated mind, a physical escape for the city dweller.  One for all, a safe haven.  It simplicity […]

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