Understanding the Untold

These are pictures of an old camera and its case that I was given that are from the world war II era.  I always find it interesting to see items that are from different periods in history.  Taking photos of these items you can’t help but wonder, where have they been? Who did they belong […]

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Interesting Interests Me

Today I was reminded of why I love photography. While the history of photography is very fascinating to me, that isn’t the only source of my fascination. Photography is the medium that allows me to explore all the things in life that I’m interested in and passionate about. What makes photos interesting to me is […]

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I recently went on a very brief road trip to Atlanta. While I was there I had a moment to take just a few quick photos of some of the buildings. While this isn’t exactly a vintage shot, it reminded me how quickly trends change in the world. I love looking at antiques because most […]

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Hello Stranger

  I love looking at old photographs.  I recently bought a lot of 125 pictures from the WWI era.  This photo is one of Navy men aboard the U.S.S. Jason.  I don’t know these people and they aren’t related to me (As far as I know anyway).  I just find looking at photos from the […]

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Make A Scene

One of my favorite things to photograph is “scenes” that I’ve set up. This particular one is a photographer’s table. I just imagined what you would find there, the camera, film, a film canister, and film viewer. There could be many other things you might find. The idea is just tell a story with what […]

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Eye Opening Ordinary

  A holiday is as good a day as any to  be out there taking pictures.  While few of my pictures may be traditional holiday photos I had a good time as always taking pictures of  things from the past.   A quote from Andy Warhol sums it up best, “You need to let the little […]

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Antique Perspective

 I have recently added new photos in all categories of the blog.  I chose to shoot these images because, first of all I thoroughly love antiques, I believe they tell a story.  All things have memories attached to them.  Created by those who own the items or brought up by those who see them.  I […]

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