Understanding the Untold

These are pictures of an old camera and its case that I was given that are from the world war II era.  I always find it interesting to see items that are from different periods in history.  Taking photos of these items you can’t help but wonder, where have they been? Who did they belong to?  There are many untold secrets in antique and vintage items.  It is important to keep these priceless treasures close to us.  Not because they are monetarily valuable, but rather they are richly filled with history, of our country or relatives or maybe even people we don’t even know.  Whatever the stories may be behind these items we can all find comfort in knowing that as these items now belong to us they once belong to someone who might have been very much like us as well.  It makese me think of a quote by John Churton Collins, “If we knew each other’s secrets, what comforts we should find.”  I hope that as you take pictures you find not only comfort in what you shoot but inspiration and purpose.


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