Painting With Light

The entire premise of photography revolves around light.  The beauty of light is most evident through photography.  Light whispers, illuminates, and shatters darkness. Light is subtle, yet sometimes harsh.  It can bring hope and a new beginning to some, while setting on the day and dreams of others.  I find through my photography the beauty […]

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Night In The Kitchen

This is a photo I recently entered in to a student art competition that won an award.  I wanted to share it with all my blog followers and just say thank you for all your support, encouragement, and interest in my work.  This particular piece was meant to be an artist reference to Edward Hopper, […]

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This is one of the photos on the roll of films I found.  It really had no indication of who these people were only that the picture was taken in Florida.  It  is one of the most lovely photographs I have even seen.  It inspired me to write this: Simply love, simply smile, and simply […]

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Jar of Dreams

I keep a jar of dreams buried in my front yard.  I keep them close to me, but they are always just out of reach.  One day I will open that jar of dreams and let their light shine all around me.  For though my dreams my be momentarily out of reach, they are never […]

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