Mindful of Memories

There is always an idea or story behind what I photograph.  I very rarely take photos that I set up with people (or at least not their faces) in them.  I do this because I like to focus on the concept of memories.  I want the viewer to imagine what it would have been like […]


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I am currently taking a digital photography class at my university and a recent assignment we had was to take 10 photos that were references to paintings/other works of art throughout art history.  The assignment was challenging but I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge.  It’s interesting to create from someone else’s point of view without losing […]

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Point & View

One of the things I like most about photography, aside from its rich history, is the stories told through the photograph. Not only does a photo show you a story about the subject, but in many ways it tells stories about the photographer. Stories within stories, that’s how I see photographs. When I’m looking at […]

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Hello Stranger

  I love looking at old photographs.  I recently bought a lot of 125 pictures from the WWI era.  This photo is one of Navy men aboard the U.S.S. Jason.  I don’t know these people and they aren’t related to me (As far as I know anyway).  I just find looking at photos from the […]

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Make A Scene

One of my favorite things to photograph is “scenes” that I’ve set up. This particular one is a photographer’s table. I just imagined what you would find there, the camera, film, a film canister, and film viewer. There could be many other things you might find. The idea is just tell a story with what […]

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Eye Opening Ordinary

  A holiday is as good a day as any to  be out there taking pictures.  While few of my pictures may be traditional holiday photos I had a good time as always taking pictures of  things from the past.   A quote from Andy Warhol sums it up best, “You need to let the little […]

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