The Life Of A Camera

In the age of the digital camera, it might seem like a pretty far off time when film didn’t just exist, but it was the only means of recording daily life. People spent their hard earned money to acquire the latest camera and rolls of film and chemistry. There wasn’t “instant gratification” in the process but […]


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Past & Present

I’m not sure if you belong in the past or the present.  Sometimes it is hard to tell.   A little old, a little new- a combination of all the beauty in life.  Maybe you’re just a memory but is it old or new?  You seem so familiar, but I’m having trouble placing just where […]

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Rewind To The Present

I recently acquired Rolleiflex and Rolleicord cameras. I have to say I am quite excited about it because these cameras are some of the most interesting film cameras to me. I can’t help but wonder where these cameras have been, what they’ve photographed. These cameras have been used to capture moments of history and even […]

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