Another View

If you look at something from another point of view, it can be something you have never seen before.  Maybe it is the same, nothing changed, but it is quite possible it will be an untold story.  It could be an illusion, a trick of the eye. Or maybe just it is just undiscovered world […]


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Split Second

Some people love the flashy, “supposed” to be special moments.  That’s why they do photography.  For me, photography makes art out of the every day, ordinary life.  The beauty of simplicity.  I find inspiration in someone I pass in one moment on the street.  I see beauty in the old, the new, and the cast […]

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Though the path is laid out, I find it in the details of the surroundings.  In every curve, pattern, and texture a message is evident.  There are no definites, but there are certainly secrets.  Knowing what I experience, but it isn’t the same as what’s in my mind.  It’s a wonderful escape, the beauty of […]

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Point Blank Perspective

Photography has completely changed my perspective on pretty much everything I see.  What ordinarily I might just pass by, or just glance at, I now find myself studying it- arranging its potential composition in my mind.  Not only did photography change how I see things, but it also changed my view of what I find […]

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I recently went on a very brief road trip to Atlanta. While I was there I had a moment to take just a few quick photos of some of the buildings. While this isn’t exactly a vintage shot, it reminded me how quickly trends change in the world. I love looking at antiques because most […]

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Make A Scene

One of my favorite things to photograph is “scenes” that I’ve set up. This particular one is a photographer’s table. I just imagined what you would find there, the camera, film, a film canister, and film viewer. There could be many other things you might find. The idea is just tell a story with what […]

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