Ordinary Masterpiece

Night photography is always something I have been drawn to.  There is just something fascinating to me about the sharp contrast, tonal range, and all around use of light in the images you are able to get at night.  I find that the things and places that are easily overlooked during the day come to […]


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Curious City

Like a light in the darkness curious creeps through your mind.  A new place, a new moment, never having been before.  There are things that words can not do justice, the places that a curious mind will go.  Wandering, twisting, turning around every experience finding its home in minds willing to take it in for […]

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If I Knew You

If I knew you we could walk the streets together.  We could see it all, everything in the windows, in the sky.  I see it, you see it together we could walk.  Maybe we could talk or we can just see what there is to see.  Beauty in every corner, in every place and way. […]

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As real as it is, or seems, it’s fleeting.  A moment, a glance, a feeling.  Bright lights, no light, lights flicker.  Capture the moment for it is certainly fleeting.  Beauty and mystery, love and hate, certainty and uncertainty it is all fleeting.  Here now, gone now, coming back around you will never know for sure- […]

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The Beauty in Darkness

The beauty of the night is that it knows no time.  It comes and goes as it pleases.  It levels the playing field masking the imperfections brought forth in the light.  When we walk in the darkness we can easily lose sense of when and where we are.  Freely existing, adventuring, wandering.  This freedom leads […]

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