Becoming A Memory Keeper

So anyone who follows my blog or knows me at all, knows I have a little bit of an obsession with photography, especially old photographs and film. This eccentricity started about 4 years ago when I discovered some old metal Kodak film canisters at an antique store. Inside the canisters were mostly what you would […]


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As you may or may not know from following my blog, I not only love old photography and the history of photography but I am also a photographer. Lately I have been working in the darkroom a lot and using alternative processes in my pieces. I am trying something new to me, which is assemblage […]

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There are a lot of moments in life that I feel like are a collision of the past and the present.  Sometimes, it’s awkward sort of out of place.  Other times it’s beautiful a nice contrast of old and new.  Whichever may be true, there is a sort of an allure to this collision.  The […]

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Memory is a strange thing.  Holding dear an idea of something that happened. Shaped by your own understanding and feeling, it’s highly deceptive.  Yet, memories drive us with love with hate with curiosity.  Memories are your secrets.  Things only you know, the way you know them.  Maybe it is what it seems or maybe it […]

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Past & Present

I’m not sure if you belong in the past or the present.  Sometimes it is hard to tell.   A little old, a little new- a combination of all the beauty in life.  Maybe you’re just a memory but is it old or new?  You seem so familiar, but I’m having trouble placing just where […]

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Your World

Your world is hidden in a secret place.  I catch glimpses of it time to time.  Held in my memory, lingering.  Whimsical, wonderful and full of life but you keep it hidden, all to yourself.  Some small pieces shine through, whispering to any who may be near.  I find it captivating, even mesmerizing.  To be […]

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Mindful of Memories

There is always an idea or story behind what I photograph.  I very rarely take photos that I set up with people (or at least not their faces) in them.  I do this because I like to focus on the concept of memories.  I want the viewer to imagine what it would have been like […]

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