The Secret Within The Photographer’s Studio

I’m very interested in the foundations of photography. I have to be honest, until the last year & a half or so I knew very little about the origins of the medium. The more I study how so many people contributed to the invention of photography as we know it today, the more intrigued I […]


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Another View

If you look at something from another point of view, it can be something you have never seen before.  Maybe it is the same, nothing changed, but it is quite possible it will be an untold story.  It could be an illusion, a trick of the eye. Or maybe just it is just undiscovered world […]

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Split Second

Some people love the flashy, “supposed” to be special moments.  That’s why they do photography.  For me, photography makes art out of the every day, ordinary life.  The beauty of simplicity.  I find inspiration in someone I pass in one moment on the street.  I see beauty in the old, the new, and the cast […]

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Perpendicular Existence

Going against the grain,a perpendicular existence.  Moments flee in front of you.  You capture some, letting others just fall through your hands.  Coming, going you never know what you’ll meet.  It’s beautiful and messy, completely unexpected.  The calm gives your clarity and the haste gives you strength.  Who knows what you’ll see along the way. […]

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Night In The Kitchen

This is a photo I recently entered in to a student art competition that won an award.  I wanted to share it with all my blog followers and just say thank you for all your support, encouragement, and interest in my work.  This particular piece was meant to be an artist reference to Edward Hopper, […]

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