There is a collision between reality and make believe.  It sneaks up on you at times, bringing a sense of joy and disbelief.  Knowing, seeing, and believing you can never anticipate what will be.  Whether it’s fantasy or actuality it does not really matter.  You experience it, you live it, you breathe it.  It changes […]


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As real as it is, or seems, it’s fleeting.  A moment, a glance, a feeling.  Bright lights, no light, lights flicker.  Capture the moment for it is certainly fleeting.  Beauty and mystery, love and hate, certainty and uncertainty it is all fleeting.  Here now, gone now, coming back around you will never know for sure- […]

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Jar of Dreams

I keep a jar of dreams buried in my front yard.  I keep them close to me, but they are always just out of reach.  One day I will open that jar of dreams and let their light shine all around me.  For though my dreams my be momentarily out of reach, they are never […]

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