Becoming A Memory Keeper

So anyone who follows my blog or knows me at all, knows I have a little bit of an obsession with photography, especially old photographs and film. This eccentricity started about 4 years ago when I discovered some old metal Kodak film canisters at an antique store. Inside the canisters were mostly what you would […]


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The Case of the Hidden Mother

So if you read my blog at all you probably can guess I’m pretty interested in photography, especially darkroom and alternative techniques. So I’m constantly on the look out for new (old) things that were part of photographic history. I ended up buying what I thought could be a daguerreotype online a few weeks ago. […]

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Finishing The Story

There is nothing quite like a good photographic mystery.  I find myself constantly finding old photographs and negatives and trying to figure out the history behind them.  I don’t know exactly why I’m drawn to it, only that I feel like the untold stories of ordinary lives are important and should be remembered and learned […]

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Mindful of Memories

There is always an idea or story behind what I photograph.  I very rarely take photos that I set up with people (or at least not their faces) in them.  I do this because I like to focus on the concept of memories.  I want the viewer to imagine what it would have been like […]

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Point Blank Perspective

Photography has completely changed my perspective on pretty much everything I see.  What ordinarily I might just pass by, or just glance at, I now find myself studying it- arranging its potential composition in my mind.  Not only did photography change how I see things, but it also changed my view of what I find […]

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Point & View

One of the things I like most about photography, aside from its rich history, is the stories told through the photograph. Not only does a photo show you a story about the subject, but in many ways it tells stories about the photographer. Stories within stories, that’s how I see photographs. When I’m looking at […]

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Hello Stranger

  I love looking at old photographs.  I recently bought a lot of 125 pictures from the WWI era.  This photo is one of Navy men aboard the U.S.S. Jason.  I don’t know these people and they aren’t related to me (As far as I know anyway).  I just find looking at photos from the […]

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Make A Scene

One of my favorite things to photograph is “scenes” that I’ve set up. This particular one is a photographer’s table. I just imagined what you would find there, the camera, film, a film canister, and film viewer. There could be many other things you might find. The idea is just tell a story with what […]

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