Finishing The Story- Research & Repeat

So my project “Finishing The Story” is still a bit of a work in progress.  I have made so many discoveries from these negatives over the last few months that my head is spinning.  I have found that images are primarily some the Southern United States (or at least the ones I have identified so […]


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Finishing The Story

There is nothing quite like a good photographic mystery.  I find myself constantly finding old photographs and negatives and trying to figure out the history behind them.  I don’t know exactly why I’m drawn to it, only that I feel like the untold stories of ordinary lives are important and should be remembered and learned […]

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Past & Present

I’m not sure if you belong in the past or the present.  Sometimes it is hard to tell.   A little old, a little new- a combination of all the beauty in life.  Maybe you’re just a memory but is it old or new?  You seem so familiar, but I’m having trouble placing just where […]

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Every time I travel, I try to make it a habit to take pictures of things that are remnants of the past.  As you can tell from all my other posts and pictures I really like “old” things.  I started to question what attracts me to these things.  I realized it was uniqueness of the […]

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