A Photographer’s Story Is Never Finished

So as many of my blog followers may know, I have been working on identifying a group of negatives I bought online last year from the early 1900s. A year later and I’m still working on getting the answers. It is sort of strange to think of “reading” a photograph. I can’t think of a better […]


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As you may or may not know from following my blog, I not only love old photography and the history of photography but I am also a photographer. Lately I have been working in the darkroom a lot and using alternative processes in my pieces. I am trying something new to me, which is assemblage […]

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The Case of the Hidden Mother

So if you read my blog at all you probably can guess I’m pretty interested in photography, especially darkroom and alternative techniques. So I’m constantly on the look out for new (old) things that were part of photographic history. I ended up buying what I thought could be a daguerreotype online a few weeks ago. […]

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Finishing The Story

There is nothing quite like a good photographic mystery.  I find myself constantly finding old photographs and negatives and trying to figure out the history behind them.  I don’t know exactly why I’m drawn to it, only that I feel like the untold stories of ordinary lives are important and should be remembered and learned […]

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