The Secret Within The Photographer’s Studio

I’m very interested in the foundations of photography. I have to be honest, until the last year & a half or so I knew very little about the origins of the medium. The more I study how so many people contributed to the invention of photography as we know it today, the more intrigued I became. Nineteenth century photographers and their pioneering experimental methods captivate my thoughts about photography. While I am certain I romanticize it to a certain degree, my ideas of all these inventors and experimenters working tirelessly to help a new visual medium emerge always involves a lot of intent and purpose, when in reality that may not exactly been the case. Whatever their motivation, they did it. Their mistakes and experiments paved the way for photography to evolve into its many forms and ultimately to its digital state today.

This is where my idea for my new photo series has its roots. Behind every successful discovery in photography, there were MANY failures/mistakes. Wrong chemistry, messed up exposure times, models moving, props falling, etc. Through it all photography prevailed though. It’s funny when you consider that the things that were once considered “failures” (like an over exposure, a little bit of blur, etc.) can in modern times be considered “artistic.” This series will work on depicting those efforts. The primary focus is to show process and how sometimes, that is where the artistic beauty can be found.

The Secret Within The Photographer’s Studio_Image 4/ Negative is liquid emulsion on tin, print is a digital scan of the negative ¬©EmilyPate

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