As you may or may not know from following my blog, I not only love old photography and the history of photography but I am also a photographer. Lately I have been working in the darkroom a lot and using alternative processes in my pieces. I am trying something new to me, which is assemblage art. A lot of my work centers around family and memories. I’ve always been drawn to my history and the history of others. I am focusing mainly on my 91 year old grandfather right now. He has so many life experiences and stories that are just unimaginable for someone today to experience. I think there is something mysterious that draws me in hearing about other people’s memories. All you can really do is imagine it in your own mind as you hear it. It leaves a lot up to the imagination on the one hand but such certainty from the one is recounting the memory. My work is just my interpretation of someone else’s experiences. It is a different perspective, I’m just trying to bring an old memory to a new life in a tangible form.

This piece is called “Family Is The Best Part Of Us.” It is a mixture of Van Dyke Brown print and prints on vellum coated in wax.

©Emily Pate
©Emily Pate “Family Is The Best Part Of Us”

For more of my work from this series please visit my artist website:

Pate Multimedia


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