Finishing The Story- Research & Repeat

So my project “Finishing The Story” is still a bit of a work in progress.  I have made so many discoveries from these negatives over the last few months that my head is spinning.  I have found that images are primarily some the Southern United States (or at least the ones I have identified so far).  The images that I can date are from 1915-1916.

I will be sharing some specifics about these images as I continue with the project. I wanted to share this video that sums up the project thus far and the ideas behind why I started the project in the first place:



Photography is in it’s physical form (film) is truly a lost art in this digital age.  There is so much life and history that are waiting to be discovered, captured by those who may not have been in the public eye of their time. There is still an art and a need to preserve film and do research and archive the images. Ordinary lives may not have made the history books, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t learn from the every day lives of those that came before us.

In addition, there is art to be discovered. Documentary work is created from every day moments and there is so much out there.  People who may not have declared themselves as artists, but yet their work is definitely artistic.  Understanding what to do with film and how to preserve can help to bring this type of work to light as well. I will bringing you more photos and videos as the research continues.  Follow along with me as I help to “Finish the Story.”


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