Finishing The Story: The Details In The Questions

So as I mentioned in my last post I am working on cataloguing over 100 negatives I bought off the internet.  They needed a little love, as they obviously hadn’t been taken out of the album I got them in quite some years.  The story is still unfolding but I feel confident based on some research that most of the images were taken between 1900-1925.  An exciting time in history in my opinion.

So as that story is unfolding I wanted to share another part of my project in the meantime.  A friend gave me a camera she bought in South Africa and it still had film in it.  Of course I had to develop it and find out if there was anything on it.  There was only a faint image of a woman holding a child, but that got me thinking.  So I decided to look for old cameras with film still inside and develop it.  Of course I have had several rolls with nothing.  But even the ones with faint images are very intriguing.  The ghostly figures that often appear in the images I find, create even more of a mystery. By developing the film though, I feel like I am helping to finish the story.  Even though I can’t give you the specifics , I think that just getting the images out here is important.  At some point in time, someone wanted to take that picture, of the person or place.  It meant something to someone.  It is important that their images are out there.  For whatever reason the film was never developed, but now I am trying to get their stories out there whatever that may be.  So with as much respect and objective eye as possible I am going to try to bring those images to life.

So here is the first in series I hope to share with you all:

Image 2

It may not have a lot of detail, but I dare to say there is a story there.  There is always a story waiting to be told through any image, even ones that are hiding some of the information.  This particular image came from a Kodak Brownie Target Six-16 box camera (616 film).

I find myself asking more questions than can be answered.  Who shot this picture?  Who was this person? What is going on? I know that many of these questions can not be answered but my mind does always wonder to these type of things.  Although I call this project “Finishing The Story” the truth is the story will never be finished.  The questions will never be answered, but that is the beauty of it all really.

I will be posting more of these untold stories over the next few weeks/months so be sure to check back in if you are interested in seeing the tales.


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