Capturing Life Unfolding

Portraiture is definitely not something I would consider myself an expert on.  I’ve always found myself a bit apprehensive telling someone how to “pose” or “look natural.”  I guess it is the documentary photographer in me, but I don’t particularly care to try to tell the story of life how to unfold.  There is something elemental and simple about the moment around you.  I don’t think I’ve always understood the art of the ordinary, the art of the moment.  It isn’t really a big deal at the time to most people, but to the photographer it is everything.  I listen and watch with my camera.  I don’t expect anything, but I anticipate that “decisive moment.”  The beauty of every day moments is easily overlooked and even taken for granted by most people.  But that first time you truly come to appreciate it, that your ordinary life is artistically meaningful, it will change the way you look at art and the way you look at life.  Embrace the ordinary, revel in the unexpected routine of all that is around you. Pop copy



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