Now You See It

So I have once again started the journey of playing with the different mediums of photography & combining them.  The original idea was to capture “the moment” in the black & white, symbolizing the significance of the ordinary and how it so quickly becomes a memory.  Now it has turned into something entirely different.  The use of both digital color photography and black & white film photography help me to let the viewer step into another world, that exists in reality but is often overlooked because the subjects have become somewhat obsolete.  I have always been fascinated with history and how, over time, what was so vital to one generation’s everyday becomes obsolete in the next.  It is exploration and history lesson all in one.  To understand the present I look to the past and appreciate where things are coming from.  I’m not what this entire series will turn into with it’s completed but it is the start of a journey into overlooked, every day world that is quickly fading.EmilyPate-NowYouSeeIt


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