Sharing Life With Strangers

“Living life” might be a bit of an overstatement considering I don’t actually speak to a majority of people I photograph.  Last summer I went to England for a couple of weeks.  To say that is changed my life is sort of an understatement.  Mainly it changed my photography.  I wouldn’t by any means say I’m an outgoing person.  I’m more of an observer.  Being in another country was a constant overload to my senses.  The smells, the sounds, and most importantly the sights.  Every little detail meant something, I wanted to take it all in.  Within the busy (and some not so busy) streets I visited I learned a lot about photographing the moment, or what many people would call “street photography.”  I learned that you usually have one chance to catch a fleeting moment.  Some you capture with beauty, and others are a complete wash.  There was something so captivating, and real to me about taking a photograph in a moment.  It is always completely unexpected, unplanned.  Yet somehow I ended up with some pictures that, to me at least, were wonderful works of art.  I can’t say that each of these moments changed me but that’s not really what street photography is for me.  It is more of raw version of life.   The good, the bad, the unexpected.  Our life is a canvas of the most epic proportion.  I’m fairly certain on an average day we probably wouldn’t think of life as art, walking to work, going shopping, having dinner with friends.  And yet there is something so beautiful and relatable to the ordinary moments of life.  My journey opened the door to this art form and I have been studying and working ever since in this style (along with many others of course).  If life is a journey I’m looking forward to the every day.


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