Photography: Through The Mediums

This is a recent piece of mine that I entitled Photography:  Through The Mediums.  It is a sort of reference piece to different styles of photography over the ages.  The image itself is a cyanotype, made by transparency negatives from a digital image.  The golden frame isn’t actually old but a reference to a time when that time of framing was common with image such as daguerrotypes, ambrotypes, etc.  The image is actually someone taking a picture that was later made into a daguerreotype.  I just wanted this image to be piece that celebrated all aspects of photography, to see how they can all be used together in one image.  The history of photography is so fascinating and it is medium that is constantly evolving.  No one form of photography is better to me than any other.  Each has unique and beautiful capabilities and qualities that an artist can use to their advantage in their artwork.  Photography: Through The Mediums is meant to embrace that idea.Photography: Through The Mediums


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