In Print

So I haven’t had as many posts lately largely due to the fact that I’ve had a lot of artistic ideas that I’ve been trying to bring to life.  This particular piece of 10 cyanotypes is about a lot different things but the idea came largely from the art of handwriting.  I feel that in today’s digital life style there is an element of craftsmanship that is lacking.  Don’t get me wrong, I love using my computer and digital camera.  I just feel that there is a whole generating growing up and missing out some really beautiful works of art that used to be a part of everyday life.  This piece reflects a collection of personal and collected letters, postcards, documents, and recipes from a span of over 100 years.  I wanted to create a “blue print” of what print looked like.  I’ve always been fascinated by handwriting in general, how each person’s is unique to them.  I don’t know what exactly it says about the person but it is a piece of them.  The same thing that draws me to old photographs draws me to hand written letters and other documents.  The idea that 100 or so years ago someone held that piece of paper and wrote those words.  Probably not really knowing that someone in the year 2014 would be reading it let alone making art of it.  For me the piece celebrates memories.  Someone had to write that letter all those years ago, and several somebodies had to keep it safe all those years for it to fall into my hands.  To me that means something.  To others it may just be junk.  But I believe that is beauty in simplicity and a glance in to the past is one of the most prevalent inspirations to my work.
In Print


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