Split Second

Some people love the flashy, “supposed” to be special moments.  That’s why they do photography.  For me, photography makes art out of the every day, ordinary life.  The beauty of simplicity.  I find inspiration in someone I pass in one moment on the street.  I see beauty in the old, the new, and the cast aside.  There is a split second, if I’m lucky enough to steal a glimpse of it, that I know I need to take a photo.  Not a minute sooner or later.  The moment will pass.  Here now, gone now.  It can’t be planned or recreated and I usually go on undetected by the subjects.  They don’t usually even look up to see that I just borrowed a moment of their lives to inspire my art.  I think that’s a large part of  the reason I like photography so much.  It has this understated humbleness for me, the beauty of the ordinary.  I frequently hear people say things like ” I would never have seen that” or “How did you see that?”  That’s why I love photography.  For me, it is a that ordinary moment, framing it into a work of art.  The ordinary is worth of extraordinary.  A humble appreciation of every fleeting moment in life.  Some you capture, some slip through your hands.  But the ordinary is what makes it so captivating to me.Moment


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