Your World

Your world is hidden in a secret place.  I catch glimpses of it time to time.  Held in my memory, lingering.  Whimsical, wonderful and full of life but you keep it hidden, all to yourself.  Some small pieces shine through, whispering to any who may be near.  I find it captivating, even mesmerizing.  To be part of that world, if only in glimpses, is a fascinating treasure.Secret Window


2 thoughts on “Your World

  1. have you ever noticed how many people have boards on Pinterest that are of doors or entry ways? Even gates? It’s just as you said, glimpses of moments from a personal life. Or maybe just finding that secret?

    1. Yes I have definitely noticed that as well. I think it has a lot to do with people’s interest in secrets and how to manifest that is an artistic form.

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