Writing On The Wall

The writing on the wall changes shape with time.  New type, new color, new words.  The message is always the same, to be heard and seen.  Days pass and the writing my fade but the message always remains.  It whispers “remember me.”  You never see the face but you always here the message.  The artist’s words scream at all who pass by.  Nothing is forever, but the message that the words represent-to be seen by all who pass them by.  The words are unimportant as long as they are heard.Wall Graffiti


One thought on “Writing On The Wall

  1. But it can be forever if you heard. So many miss the messages, so many don’t listen. Whether it’s profound or not, so many messages go unheard. Every once it awhile, something does become forever 🙂
    Now that we both just talked rhetorical around each other – that was fun.

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