Point Blank Perspective

Photography has completely changed my perspective on pretty much everything I see.  What ordinarily I might just pass by, or just glance at, I now find myself studying it- arranging its potential composition in my mind.  Not only did photography change how I see things, but it also changed my view of what I find interesting.  I’ve always been fascinated by “old” things.  Photography just opened up a medium to express my interest.  I feel like through photography I am able to give “old” things new life.  Old tools, pocket watches, clothing, kitchen utensils and many more things are more than just things.  I see them as part of stories that I use my photographs to tell.  That is what I find the fascinating part of photography.  The ability of a single picture to tell a lifetime of a story without any words.


3 thoughts on “Point Blank Perspective

  1. Hi Emily, my interest in photography has made me more observant too – if I don’t have a camera with me I’m often looking around me to see what might look good in a photo. If you look hard enough you can find interesting compositions even in the least ‘photogenic’ places, I think. I like your photos of old things. 🙂

  2. Thank you both! I always want to have my camera with me too… I usually regret it if I don’t. I agree, some of the best photos come from the most unusual places.

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