Wishing You Well

The thing I enjoy most about photography is the ability of a photograph to embody secrecy.  The feeling that you happen upon a moment in time, that maybe you were or were not supposed to see, is interesting to me.  Shooting items from other time periods help me to portray my secrets.  I find the items themselves to be secretive.  I think most people are intrigued by mysteries.  Our curiosity and desire to understand often leave us wondering about things for a long time past their actual occurrence. That’s what I find is usually present in intriguing photography.  The story of the photograph is the secret.  While the image might be clear as day, a good photograph always leaves some questions unanswered.  Jean Ferris said it best, “Secrets have a way of making themselves felt, even before you know there’s a secret.”  I believe that sentiment applies exactly to photography.  It is what keeps you so entranced in the photo, yet hard to completely understand and articulate.


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