Interesting Interests Me


Today I was reminded of why I love photography. While the history of photography is very fascinating to me, that isn’t the only source of my fascination. Photography is the medium that allows me to explore all the things in life that I’m interested in and passionate about. What makes photos interesting to me is when I can see that the photographer was genuinely passionate about what they were shooting. For me, it’s antiques and anything vintage. The antiquity relates to me stories of the past that I try to recreate through shots. For others, it could be anything. Don’t get too caught up in one style or one subject matter. Allow yourself to explore all aspects of life that interest you and allow others’ work to inspire your own style. There is a quote by Thoreau that says, “It’s not what you look at that matters; it’s what you see.” I think that applies to good photos and is always good to keep in mind on photo taking adventures. Let what you as a photographer see speak so loudly through your photo that subject matter becomes secondary.


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