I recently went on a very brief road trip to Atlanta. While I was there I had a moment to take just a few quick photos of some of the buildings. While this isn’t exactly a vintage shot, it reminded me how quickly trends change in the world. I love looking at antiques because most of the time they are vastly different than what is currently available today. There may be reproductions, but it isn’t quite the same. Going along with this train of thought I realized that sometimes we just have to take time to appreciate the moment and the world around us. There seem to be two types of people, those who relish and treasure things of the past and those innovators who are constantly moving forward to the future. Every now and then, though, it’s good for both types of people to take a moment to appreciate the present world and it’s possibilities. It’s easy to criticize and deconstruct to put our views as supreme but sometimes you have to let yourself just be inspired by what’s around you.


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